- Digital Outsider -

When you think of digital art, the 3D Magic Eye images are sure to jump to the forefront of your memory. Made popular in the mid- to late nineties, these pieces hung in offices and homes, adorned calendars, and became a chic way of displaying decorative artwork. The medium has expanded ten-fold since those early days, and Digital Outsider is surely a testament to its growth and resurgence.

Started as a website in late 2004, Digital Outsider began as a humble virtual gallery. Ever-expanding due to the tireless efforts of outsider artist Michael Rigney, the site grew to contain hundreds of unique works stored in numerous galleries. Each new addition served to display publicly Rigney's intention and focus, as well as his artistic growth. Different phases of creation could surely be seen by those with a discerning eye.

Contained herein are 500 original digital artworks presented in both thumbnail and slideshow gallery form. These pieces include landscapes, still life, portraits, abstract, appropriated, and nude subjects. Navigation is quite simple; clicking on a framed word or image will direct you to the appropriate page. When viewing a full-sized image, returning to the gallery is as easy as clicking on the image. Clicking on the banner at the top of the screen will return you to the main menu.

As a medium, digital art is wholly too new to be understood completely. The complexity of this art form has only just begun to gain a foothold en masse. Even now, it is impossible to imagine how vast the possibilities are to artists such as Rigney. Though he may never garner the fame or recognition of Picasso, he will nonetheless stand as one of the first artists of his kind. It is Rigney's belief that digital art will cause a renaissance of outsider art unlike any the world has ever seen. With storage and production costs being virtually nonexistent, there will be nothing to stop anyone who aspires from experimenting with original digital imagery.

Anderson R. Willhelm